Rise of the Runelords

A New Adventure

In the wild frontier region known as Varisia, the outposts and fledgling cities of the civilized races struggle to flourish in this untamed land. Megalithic ruins, remnants of a long-forgotten epoch, dot the landscape and stand in silent testament to an ancient cataclysm.

Beyond the world of mortals, events have been set in motion. Even as civilization begins to establish a foothold here, shadows grow longer, winters grow colder and the very land itself begins to shudder. Somewhere, in darkness, evil awakens.

Unaware of what fate has in store, a small band of friends and traveling companions gather in the tiny coastal town of Sandpoint to celebrate the turning of the seasons and the dedication of a grand cathedral. As summer slips into autumn, these few may be all that stands to challenge the rising darkness.

The future is uncertain and the waking world needs heroes like never before. The time is right to answer destiny’s call…



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