Rise of the Runelords

Into the Bramble, My Friend.

Goblins on Goblins on Goblins

After strengthening their resolve, the Heroes of Sandpoint rode north to assault the goblin lair at Thistletop and stop Nualia and her gang before their dark plans could come to fruition. They were joined by a Shoanti warrior named Wesh – an honorable, if a bit dour, fellow whose skill with a bow outshone even good Bishop. Wesh was a companion of Shalelu, who had apparently been kidnapped by the Thisletop Goblins.

The party switfly traveled the Lost Coast Road until reaching the Thistle River, which cuts through the overgrown Nettlewood. Through much rigorous travel and a few stinging nettles, the group reached a bramble maze. Undaunted by this unexpected challenge, the noble adventurers hunched through the maze, made their way safely across the trapped rope bridge and through the initial goblin guardians to the fort. In a nearly fatal conflict, Red Hilt was able to fell the mighty Goblin warlord Ripnugget and his vicious gecko Stickfoot.

They continue to search for Shalelu, whose time may be running out.



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