Rise of the Runelords

The Heroes of Sandpoint

Swallowtail Festival

As Father Zantus took the stage just before sundown, to begin the consecration ceremony, a woman’s shriek cut through the cool evening breeze. Moments later, Sandpoint was beset by rampaging goblins tearing through the crowd, with mayhem, destruction and fire not far behind.

A few brave souls rose to the occasion, however, and began to quell the goblin menace. Four young adventurers, still strangers, fought side-by-side in the town square to protect the population of Sandpoint.

One, a youthful human hunter named Bishop, was a bit deep in his cups from the day’s festivities, but his eyes, bow and blade were still keen. Another looked to be little more than a shadow, but the illusion turned out to be the deadly catfolk Osiris. His command of the darkness soon joined the fight. Their efforts were matched by those of a young Lastwallian wanderer named Red Hilt who rained down punishing strikes with his foreign blade and the fiery Shoanti priestess of Sarenrae, Shion, who offered aid to the injured.

Countless townsfolk were spared injury and death by their quick actions that day and, in particular, a nobleman by the name of Aldern Foxglove, benefited from their intervention. Upon hearing his calls for help, the party turned down a small alley to see this unarmed aristocrat surrounded by a goblin commando astride a foul goblin dog and with several others from the raiding party. Luckily, they arrived in the nick of time and were able to save Aldern’s life.

This little band was quickly heralded as saviors by young and old alike for their efforts and they found themselves greeted with hearty handshakes, blushing shopkeeper’s daughters, drinks on the house and merchant discounts everywhere in town. The mayor of Sandpoint, Kendra Deverin, officially declared the group honorary citizens of Sandpoint.

But all was not well on the Lost Coast. It was soon revealed that the raid was merely a distraction for some graverobbers to steal the coffin and mortal remains of the former high priest of Sandpoint, Ezakien Tobyn. Father Tobyn was a figure beloved by the entire town, who perished in the fire that consumed the old chapel and many of the buildings on the northern end of town five years before. The elven ranger and expert goblin hunter, Shalelu Andosana, was able to provide some additional insight on the local goblin tribes and, although no one could explain why the goblins might want his body, it became clear that the goblins were being organized by some external force with dark plans for the town.



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